Idea. Concept. Reality.

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When we graduated in April 2016, we had no idea what lay ahead. After working in our field for a short period of time, we quickly realized it wasn't the direction we were going to follow. With Lowcals growing quickly at our fingertips, we committed ourselves to the leap of faith - a choice that quickly brought rapid growth in one of the best summers of our lives. This Summer we had the pleasure of being featured at the Driven shows - Western Canada's largest indoor car show. Within the span of 3 short months, we drove over 5600km's - hitting major cities such as Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Seattle - meeting fans and supporters and making lasting memories along the way. The Lowcals Movement is intended for everyone - regardless of what their outlet is - ours just happens to be building fast and unique Japanese cars from the 90's - or JDM as it's referred to in mainstream culture.

My name is Jesse, and most of these write - ups will be carried out by me. Not because I'm superior or anything like that, just because I enjoy writing the most. (and I'm the only one willing to sit down for a few hours and actually do this).

My primary escape from reality comes in the form of a 1993 Toyota Supra RZ - fitted with a single turbo kit. The Supra is, and has always been my dream car - even with one sitting in my garage.

I owned a Subaru WRX as my previous project, but deep down - the MKIV Supra always had my heart. I decided to take my chances - sell my Subaru and hunt the auctions in Japan for a Supra RZ - the twin turbo 6-speed variant of this beautiful Toyota chassis. After nearly 6 months of unsuccessful auction searching, and with winter quickly approaching, I decided to hold off on my dream car, and wait till the following Spring. It was at this time that I was conveniently approached by a friend who offered his Supra to me for a nearly unbelievable price. A few weeks went by, after a perfect compression test, and a few kilometre of test driving - I finally had my childhood dream car in my garage. This was the first time that Idea. Concept. Reality. came into my mind. I saw how a pipe dream was brought to fruition, simply by deciding to actually do something about it. I knew the steps I had to take to acquire my dream car, and I decided to take those steps. This is the result of that decision:

I went to work quickly and modified as much as I could afford on the car - when I couldn't afford more parts - I built them. DIY became a household name with my Supra - I needed this car to be a visual representation of who I was as a person. I've always been a fan of doing things myself, and adding my own personal touch to everything, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I decided to build my own rear diffuser.

The end goal of this car is to embody the persona, "Fighting Spirit Supra". I love 90's nostalgia, and everything associated with that era of cars - the purpose of this car is to reflect the era of the car with my own unique modern twist - visibly evident in the aggressive aero and subtle carbon fibre additions.

The car is currently awaiting a tune and more modifications. This was intended to be a short introduction to one of the faces behind the brand, more detailed write ups coming soon (:



  • Seeing y’all grow from a few hundred subscribers to over 100k is so awesome and I’m glad to be one of them. Ever since I saw the video of y’all making your own splitters and diffusers, my mind has been flooded with ideas on what I can do in my own garage. I’ve seen my fair share of different youtubers who I thought had a similar vision, but non compare to Lowcals in my opinion. I love how relatable y’all are. Just a group of friends who have the same passion and push each other in different ways to achieve their goal. Looking forward to meeting y’all some day, even if it means flying out to Calgary to try and see y’all mobbin the streets, or visiting Vancouver next time y’all are there.

    Much love from Texas- Kevin

    Kevin Matos on

  • I was taken by surprise when you said that you had graduated in 2016. I’ve been watching your YouTube videos for a little bit now and always thought how cool it would be to drive my dream car. I graduated in 2015 so this is inspirational to see you doing what you love.

    Keegan on

  • I tip my hat to you for sharing your story. From humble beginnings to finding success in your dream. Some day I will have the opportunity to find my dream car and reading this gives me hope to make that a reality. Don’t stop at anything to what you love most. I wish the crew a prosperous future and to never stop with the passion. Thank you for the excellent content and motivation.


    Thomas Dziedziela on

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