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Sunday, October 1st 2017

10:58pm - 1 hour 2 minutes before official launch date of "The Lowcals Movement".

Jesse - The new website launches in just over an hour, and as I sit here and reflect on what Lowcals means to me, and the crazy adventures I've had over the past few years, I feel the need to share our experiences, and some of the things we've learned along the way. To the OG's, the new viewers, and the people that have no idea what Lowcals is, but somehow ended up on this web page - this is for you:


When we started referring to ourselves as "Lowcals", everything changed. I still remember how casual everything was at the beginning - just a group of friends with some cool cars, hanging out in the garage after school and going for late night ice cream runs. This was the response we had every time someone asked to "join" Lowcals - and when we started getting this question more frequently as time went on, we quickly realized that we had created something that people could connect to - something that people wanted to connect to. Up until that point we had never thought of Lowcals as anything other than that - just a group of friends with some cool cars.


From day one, we have always just been following our passions and doing what we love. The group and the title we shared made us feel like we were apart of something much bigger than ourselves, it made us feel like we finally belonged somewhere. As time progressed, Lowcals helped us learn important lessons about who we were as people, and revealed more and more about our apparent purpose on this planet. Our lives began to radiate with positive energy, and good vibes - and we wanted nothing more than to share the mindset and sub-culture that we had created from our passion. We wanted people to see the effect that mindset had on happiness and well-being. "When you change your mind, you will change your life."  


We strive to create a community of dreamers - a group of people committed to dedicating their lives to doing what they love, and relentlessly chasing their dreams. When you achieve any form of success, there will always be people that try to pull you down, attempting to strip away any feeling of achievement you have. These people are trying to pull you down for a reason - because they're already below you. Don't base your happiness on other people's opinions of you, do what you love and put your heart into it. All energy should be focused on achieving your goal, not wasted worrying about what people think. We want the community we create to lift each other up, so we can accomplish amazing things together.


This is what the Movement is all about. Regardless of what your passion is, regardless of what your escape from reality is - if there is something that sets your soul on fire - follow it. Follow it and don't ever look back. We get but one chance at life, far too many people put off plans, and delay their dreams for fear of failure. Failure is created in the mind - it is a decision you make when you are faced with adversity. 


When we first Incorporated Lowcals, during our research we kept seeing the same line in almost every article we looked at. "9 out of 10 entrepreneurs fail within the first year of business." I kept thinking to myself what the "1 successful" entrepreneur did right - and wondered how they came up with this statistic in the first place. How do you quantify failure? It became apparent to us that failure was a choice. We realized that in order to be the 10%, it meant we could never give up on our dream. 


So here we are, nearly 4 years after first coining the phrase, "Lowcals". Our values have never changed - at the core of everything we are nothing more than a group of friends with the same passion.

Negative opinions mean nothing to us - we will never choose failure, because we have never allowed failure to be an option. 

 Lowcals is our dream, I cannot stress that enough.


Thank you to all our supporters, the amount of love and respect we have for you all is unmeasurable. You have changed our lives, and we hope we can do the same for you.



  • “Your current situation isn’t your final destination” I basically live to buy that now. You guys and that saying have had a huge effect in my life and I look forward to the next stage of making my dreams become a reality. been following your journey from the very start, the very first video, and hope to meet you lot one day to thank you for changing how I see life for the better

    Jamie on

  • You guys are a huge inspiration on me! The way I grew up in high school was “the kid who liked ricers” and I used to get offended by it! But now I look back on it and realize that words are just words! There’s no need to get mad. Watching you guys grow and progress has also taught me to continue my passion for cars! As soon as I looked at it from a positive view, I got more friends, I gained confidence, people started to ask me if there car looked good, and more people wanted to hang out. Your positivity has brushed off onto me! And I want to help brush that same positivity to other people here in Utah! I just want to thank you guys! And I will always be a supporter!

    Zach Taylor on

  • Much respect for you guys. Everything you guys do is always with this positive vibe and easy going mentality. It’s refreshing in a scene that sometimes gets bogged down in petty competitiveness, haterism, and superficiality. I’ve been modding imports since the 90s in SoCal, and it’s crazy to see this movement continue to evolve and grow. Keep it up, and know you have fans of not only your builds but also your mindset.

    OldSoCal on

  • Just wondering if the items ship to Malaysia.?

    Arief on

  • Y’all have definelty made a huge impact on my life since the day I started watching. My dad has recently started watching the videos and we’re both huge supporters of what y’all do. Thank you!


    Kevin Matos on

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