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There has always been that question in my head, especially as I got older: "What am I going to do for the rest of my life"?

Sure I love cars and working on them, but when it came time to decide what career path to choose,  I almost felt forced to choose something, anything.  My grades in high school kinda limited my choices, and after taking 3 years off to work, I decided to go ahead and apply for AST (Automotive Service Technology) at SAIT.  I was hesitant at first that working on cars as a career would ruin my hobby and passion for cars, but the next 2 years would change my life for the better.

When you surround yourself with like-minded individuals who share the same passion and same common goal in life, the possibilities are endless. I met David and Jesse at SAIT and we instantly clicked.  The intertwined past, common interests, and the connections that we had before even meeting made it seem like this was all meant to be.  We all shared the common idea that we shouldn't spend the rest of our lives working to benefit someone else's dream, but rather, put in the work and effort required to help us reach our own. 

This past summer was the best summer of my life.  Not only did we attend car shows across Western Canada, we were featured at every single one. Not to mention the unbelievable experience of driving our pride and joys all across Canada. But people actually came out to the shows to meet us. Just a group of friends with cool cars. Seeing the  love and support from the fans and realizing the kind of inspiration we have on them is enough motivation for me to keep pushing forward. To keep working on myself and my own goals and aspirations.  

Success is commonly measured by wealth and belongings. But if I speak from experience, this kind of success is immeasurable.  I am rich in experiences and good times and my goal with this brand is to inspire others to pursue what they are passionate in. One thing you'll never get back in life is your time, so live every second with purpose and passion, and the universe will reward you. 


Work In PRGRS is a mindset that you're current situation is not your final destination. Apply it in any aspect in life, and remember that failure is a choice.  Your current and future surroundings are a direct result of the Work you put in, and your life's  greatest project is yourself.


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    • Ever since i started watching Lowcals and following these men even on IG and now snapchat, they have evolvefd into a great team, love watching their videos and all the stuff they do to their cars. you should team up with Mighty Car Mods here in australia boys the two will show you whats compaired to canada and australia. But for real have my support keep on thriving and striving men you guys are doing awesome. i hope i can get some merch from you guys soon. peace.

      Joseph Vecchio from Brisbane Australia :)

      Joseph Vecchio on

    • Ever since I started watching y’all, back when David used his broken iPhone, I instantly felt inspired and motivated to pursue my passion with cars. I set a picture from one of y’all’s videos that says “your current situation isn’t your final destination” as my lock screen on my phone because I’m always checking my phone. Now every time I pick up my phone I’m always reminded by it. Much love and respect for everyone, keep up the great work.


      Kevin Matos on

    • I remember over a year ago when I first saw one of your videos. I was a roofer working long hours and stumbled across the “How to Ruin a Skyline” vid, I wasn’t the biggest car enthusiast at the time and all I thought was “this is silly.” I didn’t realize it at the time but I soon started to drill holes, grind metal, adhering spoilers with 3m tape, fixing my bumper woes with zip ties, and grinding my teeth whenever I drove over a speed bump. Looking back to it, watching your videos rejuvenated my passion with this hobby and I would like to say thank you.


      Thomas Dziedziela on

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